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Hi, my name is James and same as you I’m … a dreamer.

Since I was small, I always dared to dream big. I loved to watch Hollywood movies and listen to good music like many others my age. At the same time, I had that spark in the eye that told everyone, I was different. So as time was passing by, I was growing up with my own vision in the head. No matter what others were telling me, at home or school, I always knew that I could get anything that I really wanted if I believe strong enough. Believing, however, is just the first part of it. The second one is taking action. Therefore, I have taken every opportunity that came to me, because I knew that one day, I will find the right way to realize everything I have been always dreaming about.

Now if I wanted to tell you my entire story, it would have been more of a script for a good blockbuster movie rather than for a page about us. So I’ll tell you more later, but for now, let’s just keep it short here.

I’m sure, all of you had such a situation in life when you strongly thought about someone, and then suddenly they are calling or meeting you although you haven’t seen or heard from them for a very long time. Yes, WE attract things with our thoughts and basically, that is how it works. If you feel gratitude for what you’ve got, you will receive even more. If you’re being kind, you will attract even more kindness. If you’re happy, more happiness will come to you. But if something is not working well in your life, you might have to look back, and sometimes very far back to find a reason. Maybe you will even need to reprogram your entire mind, to be able to make a change, and sometimes this change might be very challenging.

Today my great journey continues… At the moment I live in amazing Dubai, with my lovely family and my adorable cat. I enjoy the sea and the amazing sunny weather almost every single day. I work & travel a lot but that’s what I like to do.  And I throw awesome parties at home for my friends, yes really AWESOME.  Yet, I continue to dream, because there is still so much to see and so much to do. You might think I’m crazy now, well I don’t care. Like it or not the world really works this way and only you decide if you want to join the party. But trust me on this. If you set yourself a goal and truly believe in it, like it already happened, it will become a reality no matter how big your dream was.

One thing that helped me never lose focus and achieve all of this was a dream board, which was always near my work desk. A simple collage of seventeen photos representing my trues desires. The printed vision of my future was with me all the time, to remind me about my goals and keep me focused so I would never quit too early. However, I have understood just how powerful my dream board was, only much later.

Most of the dream boards are just photos and words that were cut from newspapers and stuck to a corkboard. They are magical, as they represent your work and energy that you have put while making them. However, I wanted to create something even more special, something beyond that, yet easy to do at the same time. A dream board that was so beautiful and so stylish, that you will love to hang it in the best spot of your home and look at it as often as you can. Because the more you look at it, the more attention and positive energy you are sending towards it, making your dreams realize even faster. Then I thought that such a dream board could also be a fantastic and memorable gift for your friends and your loved ones.

That is why, I’ve created The Big Dream™.

A custom coded website, where in matter of few minutes you can change your photos into a magical piece of art. To customize it even more, add a quote or a personal dedication, pick a color, and other features while our AI will do the rest.

We also have something special for couples and friends because dreaming together is even better …

If you’re buying it for others, don’t forget it’s not just another gift. It is something far more than that. You’re planting an extremely powerful seed of creation and positivity into their heart, so they can start to BELIEVE as you do. Their positive reaction might surprise you, as it surprised us many times when we shot commercials for this product, but that is something you need to experience yourself.

I’m a highly pedantic person and I, myself buy only high quality products as production of poor quality items seems innocent, but in fact causes huge consequences to our planet. That’s why, you can be sure that the quality of our products is one of its kind. If you feel that we have not met the standards that you expected, then please email me directly on

There’s also an option to order DIGITAL POSTER which comes in PDF and you can print at any print lab near your place. This saves you money and time if you need it urgently but it also saves our planet as we don’t have to do shipping.

We hope you love TheBigDream™ such as we do, so please be sure to use #thebigdreamboard when posting your pictures on social media.

We love to see them and we enjoy every time you do that !

Founder of The Big Dream™

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